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Close your eyes. Now picture an array of musical instruments intertwining with the sound of the flute ever so present in the background. You begin to slowly bop your head to the rhythm of the beat. Now say it with me; “Percocets, molly, percocets

Percocets, molly, percosets

Rep the set, gotta rep the set”


And just like that you’re in five o’clock traffic “milly rocking” to Future’s new hit single Mask Off. Massachusetts overdose rate is twice the amount of the national average. Yet, we can turn on the radio and dance to songs that promote and encourage drug use.

Like many other sub-genres Trap Music evolved with time. Originating from the south, artist such as Ghetto Mafia, Outkast, and Manny Fresh, depicted the lifestyle of selling drugs in their music. Although for decades rappers have rapped about drugs, what makes trap music different is the beat. Mainstream Trap Music seems to consist of 808 bass beats, a simple chorus, and usually accompanied by a dance move.

We love trap music. It’s great for working out and taking snap chat videos at the club. We get to feel like Big Meech without actually having to murder someone and be part of an organized crime family. But we can also agree that Trap Music is beginning to have less meaning and more gibberish.

For example, trap artist Designer, what is he saying? No seriously. No clue what is being said in his song Timmy Turner but sounds “cool”. Why is Trap Music so popular? It’s because you are not force to think. In this day in age where we’re waking up to news about missiles, war, and FB videos of people being murdered, music can a great source to release stress.

However, it’s important to follow these rules when listening to Trap Music

  1. Trap music is just music. We should never try to mimic the artist lifestyle. Because what they choose to glamorize may not always be what it seems.

  2. Be mindful of the image you send when listening to it around adolescence.

  3. Explore other artist and always do your research. Some of the best music is from artists that aren’t mainstream.

So there you have it. You can listen to Trap Music and not feel guilty. It doesn’t have to be a way of life. We listen to Trap Music because its part of the culture.