Gems for Dealing With Independent Women


Words By:       

          Serena Alfaro & .                          Tony Seaforth                    

           There are two types of women in this world: gold diggers and goal diggers. We can all appreciate a woman who has her own, but there is a deeper darker side to dealing with one that’s I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T if you know what I mean. Here are a few gems for dealing with women who want, but don’t need you:

Trustworthy: She is used to controlling situations and trust allows her to control her emotions. Keep your word because if she can’t trust you...she can’t date you. It’s a secret society, all she asks is trust. 

No Games: She doesn’t have time to chase men who play games because she is too busy chasing goals. A blasé attitude will get you cut like prices at Wal-Mart. Playing with her time is like playing with her emotions (See above).

Compromise: You have to be willing to compromise at home because independent women have alpha mentalities. Taking an occasional L in an argument for the greater good of the relationship comes with dating her. 

Have Your Own:  You don’t necessarily have to be experiencing the same level of success, but you definitely have to bring something to the table. Disclaimer: Good sex might get you in the game, but it won’t keep you on the court.

Have A Plan: When she spends most of her day making money, she expects you to have life goals. She can be your biggest supporter, but also your biggest critic. If you don’t have a 5–year plan an independent woman may not be for you. 

Know What You Want: Dating her is like playing chess because she’s always thinking 3 moves ahead. You might feel like you’re still in the honeymoon stage and she’s thinking about an actual honeymoon. Ain’t no casual dating over here —You’re either all in or all out.

Be Creative: $200 dates and expensive gifts are cool, but they hold less weight with an independent woman. Surprises, thoughtful gifts, and new experiences are all major keys. In order to get the box, you have to think outside of it.

Security: Benching 225 for 10 reps is cool, but she is also looking for financial strength. You have to be able to protect her from the world while maintaining good credit, a growing IRA, and healthy savings.

Be Confident: Never compare your life to hers, don’t be the “must be nice” guy. If she is driving a foreign and you are pushing a Camry, keep grinding. Run your own race and applaud her accomplishments. It’s a relationship not a competition.

Be A Man: She may run things at work, but home is different. An independent woman that’s in charge all day and doesn’t want to come home to a doormat. Take the lead and be a decision maker in the relationship.

Now, go out and find the independent woman of your dreams!