The Unapologetic Professional



Society tells us we must walk and talk a certain way in order to get a job.  Let’s admit it we all have a “professional” voice we put on when we answer an important business call.  But why must we conceal our identity in order to be accepted in the workplace? Now, I’m not saying to throw away your manners, and flip off your boss whenever you’re upset. But you made it past the interview so it would be okay to assume you have the qualification to complete the task at hand. Don’t let the job title define you; you should be the one to define the job title.


How to spot the unapologetic professionals

  1. You either love them or you hate them because somehow they always manage to get the job done against all odds.

  2. They believe their success at the job is not solely measured by production

  3. They are happy and seem less stressed at work.

  4. They walk and talk with confidence. You can often find them in the break room hanging out.

  5. They don’t fit in instead they stand out.

What often happens when you do not channel your inner unapologetic side?

  1. You start to resent your job. This is when you put on your fake “sick” voice and call out more frequently because you dread going into work.

  2. Remember how excited you were at first to get your job? Well, by now you’ve lost interest and feel like a robot.

  3. You begin to question your value at the workplace and whether or not you’re replaceable.

  4. Work stress follows you home and now it’s affecting your mental health.

  5. No one knows the real you. You become just another production number.

How to be an unapologetic professional

  1. Self-care is first. You are at your best when you’re mentally and physically stable. It’s okay to take a five-minute break to play Sudoku. It’s okay to play Bob Marley or Miley Cyrus while you’re at your workstation. The goal is to relax

  2. Identify your strength and find ways to utilize it in the workplace.

  3. Surround yourself with motivation. It can be anything from photos of loved ones to posting positive quotes on the wall.

  4. Whether it’s through supervision or group meetings make sure your thoughts and ideas are express.

  5. Never apologize for being yourself.


Contrary to popular beliefs, intellect isn’t measured by how fitted your suit is, or how good you are at following the rule. You can be both professional and unorthodox at the same time. If you’re unhappy at your job it’s a disservice to both you and the client. It’s never too late in your career to change your method of getting the job done. Remember health is wealth.

Words by Frances Mathieu 

Words by Frances Mathieu