The Prom Glow Up  

We all know that Prom can be costly. Between tickets, limo, a dress, plus hair and make-up someone can spend almost 1,000 on prom. Our goal is to help alleviate the cost of prom for high school seniors who deserve to feel special that night . Last year through our crowdsourcing efforts we were able to provide free hair and make-up to 14 high school seniors from Lynn Classical and Lynn English.


This year we have partnered with Slay & Glam, a local makeup and beauty shop to sponsor 40 students. Help support our efforts by attending Our Cinco De Mayo Event, WorkOut & Brunch, or purchasing a hirt online. Help these young ladies get slay and glammed!


For any high school seniors from Lynn English or Lynn Classical interested in receiving services please sign the following form. Once completed we will send you a confirmation email.